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Nevaton MC59s Cardioid

€ 898 excl. VAT

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A new exceptionally small microphone with interchangeable capsules, which features a full-fledged Class A amplifier from high-quality selected discrete elements using film capacitors.

Very low self noise (5 dBA) coupled with high SPL handling (140dB).

Its 20mm capsule has a flat frequency response and a dynamic range of 135 dB. The MC 59’s excellent impulse response captures the subject’s finest details without colouration and its gold-sputtered, ultra-thin transducers pass and artificial ageing process to ensure life-long stability.

Ideal for sound-reinforcement solutions and recording in opera houses, concert halls and theatres.

Version “S” – super-small & super-light, with a deducted connector – 3-pin XLRM-type on cable. Note – the length of the output cable can be exactly customized to the client’s needs (up to 200 meters!). Version “S” – Break-out cable default length: 0.5 m. It can be extended upon request (up to 10m, for free!)

Currently Three different interchangeable capsules are available: cardioid, wide-cardioid & omnidirectional

The microphone comes in a comfortable carrier case, either for single mics, or for matched pairs. Matched Pairs is twice the price of a single microphone.(no additional costs)

There is also a E pre-amp availble with a switchable attenuator -10 dB and a low-cut filter (100 Hz, 6 dB/oct) for extra cost. Please contact us for more info.


interchangeable capsules: cardioid, wide cardioid or omnidirectional

(additional directional characteristics will be available soon!)

Acoustic operating principlePressure gradient transducer
Frequency range20 - 20.000 Hz
Rated impedance50 Ohms
Rated load impedance1000 Ohms
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)

Omnidirectional: 5 dB-A

Cardioid: 7 dB-A

Signal-to-noise (A-weighted)135 dB
Max SPL (THD<0.5%)@ 1kHz:

Omnidirectional: 140 dB

Cardioid: 142 dB

Supply voltage48V ( /- 4V)
Current consumption5 mA
Matching connector

Version S: break-out cable -> XLR-3

Version M: XLR-3

Weight output stage

Omnidirectional: Version S : 43 g | Version M: 54 g

Cardioid: Version S : 53 g | Version M: 62 g

Diameter22 mm

Omnidirectional: Version S: 43 mm | Version M: 63mm

Cardioid: Version S: 53 mm | Version M: 73mm

Available Coloursbrass with a dark-grey non-reflective paint finish