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Nevaton VR Ambisonic

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The Nevaton VR is an ambisonic microphone, designed for 360° spatial recordings in the highest quality. The Nevaton VR delivers Ambisonics A-format, a four channel output, which can be easily converted to Ambisonic B-format with most of the major DAWs on the market, plugins or decoders.

A perfect microphone for all applications involving 3D sound, fully compatible with systems like VR Game Engines or 360° social media platforms.

The Nevaton VR is an ambisonic microphone (four capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement), designed for 360° spatial recordings in the highest quality.

Decades of engineering experience in manufacturing top-of-the-range microphones are condensed in this new model.This leads to excellent technical parameters such as incredibly low self-noise 4dBA, and the ability to handle very high sound-pressure levels 142dB

The microphone comes with a -10dB attenuator. To reduce the sensitivity of the microphone -10 dB, the polarization voltage of the cap is reduced, which allows a faster response of the membrane to very loud sounds.

Because of specially heated capsules, the Nevaton VR can be used in diverse climatic conditions (outdoor environments). The Nevaton VR has an integrated low cut switch 80Hz.

The microphone comes with a 10pin -> 4 XLR3 cable, with a cable length of 3 m (longer cables upon request). An additional cable (10pin->10pin) for the output from the windscreen is also available.


 The NEVATON VR  features:

  • Incredibly low self-noise (4dBA)
  • Ability to handle very high sound-pressure levels (142dB)
  • Switchable attenuation: -10dB
    Note: The -10 dB reduction is achieved by decreasing the polarization voltage (from 60 V to 20 V).
    This additionally allows the membrane to respond quickly to very loud sounds!
  • Switchable Low-cut filter (80Hz, 6dB/Oct)
  • Heated capsules (for parameter stability in diverse climatic conditions):  Two switchable heating modes: 4mA or 8mA heating current
  • Using the 8 mA switch position also allows to use long cable-runs (length of more than 200 meters)
  • RF filter against radio interference
  • Switchable LED – the LED can be switched off, useful for filmed stage performances etc.


Dedicated filtersets for format conversion (Ambisonics A to B format) are available:

They have been developed by Professor Angelo Farina, a capacity on the field of Ambisonics and acoustic researcher at the University of Parma.

Directional_patternAmbisonic A-format arrangement, 4x cardioid
Acoustic operating principlePressure gradient transducer
Frequency range20 - 20.000 Hz
Sensitivitynot less than 20 mV/Pa
Rated impedance50 ohms
Rated load impedance1000 Ohms
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)4 dB-A
Signal-to-noise (A-weighted)138 dB
Max SPL (THD<0.5%)@ 1kHz:142 dB
Supply voltage48V ( /- 4V)
Current consumptionswitchable: 4mA / 8mA
Matching connector10-pin XLR-type, to 4x 3-pin XLR standard
Weight output stage580 g
Diameterhead: 70mm, body: 30mm
Length207 mm
Available Coloursbrass with a dark-grey non-reflective paint finish