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Nevaton BPT

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The ultimate one-mic-recording solution – from high-class mono vocal recordings, to stereo- or surround recordings of symphonic orchestra. A three-capsule microphone with variable patterns, centre-zoom function and  set of features which have been developed and tested in some of the worlds most famous concert halls.

Based upon a design of Dr. Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, head of the acoustic department of the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele), Nevaton designed a unique microphone which gives a direct reference to the inventor in its name – Nevaton BPT, Blumlein-Pfanzagl-Triple.

The Nevaton BPT combines several functionalities in one single microphone. It is a large membrane multi-pattern condenser microphone, a mono/stereo microphone which can be used for a large variety of stereo-recording techniques, a surround microphone which can record all 5 primary surround channels.

In countless recordings at the Salzburg Festival Dr.Pfanzagl-Cardone developed a microphone technique which proved to be exceptionally successful. In short words it is a further development of the well known Blumlein stereo-system.

The Nevaton BPT provides a beautiful and incredibly accurate stereo (or surround) image. By adding a third center-capsule the sound-engineer now has the possibility to add as much acoustic focus to the centre image as needed.

This is very useful because even though the Blumlein Recording technique is known as one of the most natural sounding microphone techniques, the centre image is often not as much highlighted as it should be. The BPT now makes it possible to compensate for that effect and give as much weight to the centre image as desired. Therefore it is now also possible to highlight sound-sources in the centre of the stage (an effect which can be described like a zoom function of a camera) in the post production stage and/or directly when live-mixing a performance.

The microphone has switchable directional patterns, which means that the centre capsule can be switched to cardioid, wide cardioid, to figure-eight or to omni characteristics, the side capsules can be switched from figure-eight to cardioid as well.


The BPT microphone offers two further advantages:

  • The Nevaton BPT is a “one mic solution” which allows you to record in perfect mono (vocals, single instruments) AND simultaneously in various stereo modes or in various surround formats.

  • Use the center-capsule to ideally balance your sound-stage and give as much focus as you want to the center image – Directly at the recording and/or later in the post production!

  • Recordings with the Nevaton BPT are perfectly mono-compatible. The Nevaton BPT has an extremely(!) low self-noise of only 7dBA

  • Select various patterns (switchable on the microphone body): Omni, cardioid, fig-8 for the center-capsule and cardioid or fig-8 for side capsules.Any desired variation of directional patterns can be additionally created in conjunction with the mixing desk.

  • The directional pattern of the microphone can be adjusted during recording OR after recording in post-production – all aspects of image-width and pattern control can be modified and fine-tuned in the mixdown-process!

    In figure-8 mode the strong directional characteristic makes it possible to position the BPT at a large distance from the sound source and still get a sound-image with stunning clarity and spatial representation. Therefore the BPT is ideal to capture whole sound events with just one microphone as a „one-point“ recording. It records with great quality and depth.

  • In addition the strong directional characteristics make it possible to position the BPT at a large distance from the sound source and still get a satisfactory direct/diffuse-sound ratio. Therefore the BPT is ideal not only as a traditional main-microphone system (possibly with additional spot-microphones ), but even more so, if the sound-engineer is restricted to capture the whole sound event with just one microphone as a „one-point“ recording.

The NEVATON BPT is delivered in a fine wooden box, together with a shockmount and 40 cm long break-out cable.

Directional_patternDirectional pattern, capsule 1 2 figure-8,  capsule 3 cardioid, figure-8, omni
Acoustic operating principlePressure gradient transducer
Frequency range20 - 20.000 Hz
Sensitivity20 /-2 mV/Pa
Rated impedance50 ohms
Rated load impedance1000 ohms
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)4 dBA (cardioid, omni) 7 dBA (fig.eight)
Signal-to-noise (A-weighted)135 dB
Max SPL (THD<0.5%)@ 1kHz:142 dB
Supply voltage48V ( /- 4V)
Current consumption7 mA/channel
Matching connector7-pin (male connector built in the microphone), XLR
Weight output stage820 g
Diameterbody: 48mm, head: 48mm
Length245 mm
Available Coloursbrass with a dark-grey non-reflective paint finish