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Chameleon Labs CPS503

€ 197,52 excl. VAT

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The CPS503 is a single slot powered rack enclosure for 500-Series modules, using a single external switch-mode power supply.


The unit can be used as a table-top solution or can be rack mounted using available accessories. By using a special power cord, up to eight CPS503 units can be daisy-changed together using a single power supply.

The enclosure provides on/off functionality for the attached unit as well as the 48V power supply.

The CPS503 provides a simple, elegant solution to users that require use of a limited number of 500 Series modules.


  • Accepts single standard 500-Series Modules
  • Outboard 2-Amp multi-voltage power supply
  • Power link up to eight CPS503 (passive) units using single power supply
  • XLR input and output
  • 48V phantom power for mic input
  • Rubber feet for desktop use
  • Rack mount single unit with optional panel
  • Rack mount two units side by side