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REMIC P6100 Triple

€ 2499,- excl. VAT

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The P6100 piano microphone TRIPLE kit is designed for studio and live productions and delivers a natural sound with clear definition and accuracy.

The P6100 piano microphone TRIPLE kit for grand piano consists of 3 microphones with high definition condenser elements. The REMIC P6100 TRIPLE kit is very suitable, when you are aming for a super wide sound or when you want a warm and present sound, or even when you want a sound with hard attack.


Why use three REMIC P6100 Microphones on a Grand Piano?

A grand piano is, as the word says, grand. It is big. If you look at concert grand like a Steinway Model D, but also a model C, any Bösendorfer grand piano or other and similar sized instrument, it is very clear that there is a certain amount of space and strings to cover.

The whole spectrum of such a wonderful instrument should only be captured by three of the REMIC P6100 microphones. Using a REMIC P6100 TRIPLE kit with 3 microphones will guarantee that you get the most satisfying, warm and powerful sound out of your instrument.


Let us go into some details and explanations. The REMIC P6100 is an instrument microphone, which is directly attached with very strong magnets to the metal frame of the piano. This is a very easy and versatile mounting technique. It delivers a very authentic and warm sound. The direct contact to the metal will not produce any rattle or disturbing noise.

Warm and Present Sound

If you like a warm and present sound, we suggest a position as illustrated below.  In this position, you want to add a third microphone, to get more bass strings, so you will achieve a fuller sound.

Super Wide Sound

If you like a super wide sound, try the position below. In order to stabilize the sound in the center of the image, you should place the third microphone in the center of the stereo image.

Sound with Hard Attack

If you like a sound with hard attack, you could place the microphone as shown on the photo below. Also here, you should use three microphones to cover all areas of the piano. It might be necessary to move the third microphone a little bit to find the best position for the best sound.




  • Superior sound quality with clear definition and accuracy
  • Innovative and fast mounting system
  • Needs 48V phantom power
  • indicated price is for three microphones
  • Cable length is 4 meters (shorter cables available upon request)



  • Microphone type: high definition pre-polarized condenser
  • Polar pattern: omnidirectional
  • Frequency range: 6 - 23 kHz
  • Cartridge technology; direct balanced
  • Sensitivity: 5mV/Pa (-44Br.1V/Pa)
  • Power consumption: 2mA / 48V Phantom
  • Connector: XLR3