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Earthworks SV33

€ 2999 excl. VAT

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The pinnacle of performance

Imbued with unparalleled performance and stunning realism, the end address SV33 inspires vocal performances that bring studio sessions to new heights. Inside this beauty lives a perfect fusion of technology, performance and attention to detail.

Best in Class Sound

Following a heritage defined by jaw-dropping realism and unparalleled performance, the front address SV33 delivers vocal performances brimming with stunning detail. Encased in the stainless shell is a 14mm cardioid capsule that delivers warmth coupled with staggering depth.


Its discrete Class A circuitry means that your signal path will remain uncompromised, delivering the purest sound possible. With the SV33 you will achieve unmatched sonic clarity and world-class performance for every recording session.

Pure Sound

The SV33 excels at delivering crystal clear vocals full of detail and nuance; effortlessly positioned forward in the mix with incredible low end, smooth midrange and high frequency detail. The openness and the air, it’s all there. Giving you a big vocal track full of vibrant presence with incredible intimacy.

Total Freedom

Never has there been a vocal microphone that gives you this much freedom. Freedom to express, to move, to take risks and capture every essence of the vocal performance.

Pushing Boundaries

The SV33 eliminates limitations found in other high end studio microphones and infuses ease into the process for both the vocalist and the engineer. With 140 degrees of freedom across the frontal hemisphere every moment of joy, longing, pain or elation will come through with breathtaking lifelike clarity.

More Than a Vocal Mic

Designed for vocals. Excels at so much more. With the Earthworks DNA at its core, the SV33 defies boundaries and shines on every instrument in your studio.

Built to Last

Meticulously sculpted out of stainless steel and finished in a premium Nextel® Dark Black finish for low reflectivity and durability, the SV33 is built to last.