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Earthworks WL40V

€ 999 excl. VAT

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The Earthworks WL40V is a premium wireless vocal microphone capsule designed for live performance.

Featuring revolutionary circuitry that is hand matched to its capsule for flawless sonic performance, the SR40V delivers natural clarity of sound and unmatched presence and depth for vocals.

The SR40V’s near-perfect hypercardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, ensuring more gain before feedback and virtually eliminating phasing issues when using multiple microphones. Singers can also maintain freedom of movement  and still maintain pristine sound quality and plenty of gain.

Its clean on-axis response provides maximum intelligibility of vocals up to 90 degrees off-axis, while rejecting off-axis noise and feedback from ambiance, surrounding instruments and nearby stage monitors thanks to its more than 30dB of rear rejection.

Capable of handling sound pressure levels of up to 145dB without distortion, the SR40V can handle nearly any vocalist.

Designed for the road, the SR40V lightning fast transient response, extended frequency range, and tight hypercardioid pickup pattern reproduce breathtaking vocals that bring studio quality sound to the stage.



  • High Definition Vocal Microphone CapsuleTM for Wireless Handheld Transmitters
  • 50Hz to 40kHz Frequency Response
  • Hypercardioid
  • Capture Detail That Other Microphones Miss • Uniform Frequency Response at 0°, 45°& 90° •136dB SPL Max Acoustic Input
  • More Gain Before Feedback
  • Exceptional Rejection of Sounds From the
  • Rear of the Microphone